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Esta noche se me antojó escuchar “Les feuilles mortes”  en youtube. Como ya era medianoche, encendí radio 3 y justo sonaba “the falling leaves”; ¿mera coincidencia?

“Et le vent du Nord les emporte,
dans la nuit froide de l’oubli.
tu vois je n’ai pas oublié,
la chanson que tu me chantais…”


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“Ni con miles de versos harás la revolución”, dice

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You’re an apple in the weeds.

P.D.: el video es de Radar Bros

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Narigón, Daniel Melingo

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What will we do with all these words when we die?
Will they spend like currency in our afterlife?
Always waiting on a world that will never come
Always standing in line
Sinking feelings, inexplicably
But always leaning towards some sort of light

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Little girl, Robert Francis

Hay canciones que embriagan. Ésta es una de las mías.

P.D.: el video tarda en cargarse pero merece la pena verlo entero.

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Give (me) what you take

I’ve been lookin’ for a love
Pretty soon I guess I’ll
Fuck things up
But right now I’m gonna laugh

There’s a light in your eyes
That fills me with life

You gotta give what you take

There’s a rythm in you
That makes me wanna dance
There’s a lovin’ in you
That makes me wanna fly

Give what you take, Mojave 3

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